About me

I was born in Uruguay and moved to The Netherlands for love. There I adopted my dog, a super sweet little beauty rescued from the streets in Spain.

Collars, Harnesses and “Reverse Sneezing”

My dog suffers from a condition called "reverse sneezing" which causes her throat to do some spasms that look like she is choking (even though she is not) and can be very scary to see.

Veterinarians don't know exactly what causes this, but I noticed that when she was wearing any kind of hard collar or harness, it would be triggered more often than when she was not wearing it.

Also, I learnt that all small dogs tend to have fragile throats so they should not wear regular collars (actually, collars are not the best option for any size of dog and vets recommend harnesses for all of them).

So, I had to search for a solution. I wouldn’t use collars or hard harnesses on my dog anymore.

Searching online I could only find a very limited offer of comfy harnesses, and mostly "boring" and impersonal. So I decided to start making my own harnesses that would be comfy and fun at the same time. And this is how Dog Designs by Paula was born. Hoping to help making dogs comfy, pretty and happy.


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